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Welcome to Afterlife! This is a fun, casual raiding guild of friends. Our goal is to see all the game has to offer, but at a steady pace, and in a fun way. We do everything from level 60 raids to level 80 raids. And unlike most guilds we do realize this is a game, and real life does come first. We're here to do what we can and enjoy ourselves, to get away from the real world. We hope you all enjoy being a part of this guild, and we hope that we can help make your time on this game what you've wanted it to be.

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Guild Focus

Liniouse, Jun 22, 10 3:00 PM.
We have decided so that noone feels as though they are being held back, that the guild will focus primarily on low level raids (those from the classic and Burning Crusade games), and give free rights to those who wish to achieve endgame content to join with other groups on their raids. We plan still to do the weekly raids each week (provided they are not out of the guild's skill level), as well as an occasional high level raid weekend. We will primarily do Ulduar for those weekends because of it being the greatest amount of positive feedback in the fun had while inside. However we are progressing as a guild through the higher end content at a slow pace and do intend to continue doing so. We are not stoping progression and will do our best to continue through the game's higher raids. We simply want those who are focused on getting their T10s and killing the Lich King to not feel they are held back by those who move at a slower pace (or have no real desire to get that far), and we don't want those who are slower at progressing or do not care to get to the end game content to feel they are being pushed or rushed into things they don't want to do. And on the same note, we don't wish to become an endgame raiding guild. If we're able to get to endgame content then great, however it is not our goal. The goal of this guild is to do raids both past and present with a group of friends and have fun, and that's how it'll stay.

The Loss of a Friend

Liniouse, May 16, 10 3:27 PM.
        Early Saturday morning a sad event took place. A good man, a friend died. We mourn the loss of a great player, and a great person, one of the few good people in this game. Eonola, a member of the Irishice Brothers in Arms passed away. He was a very kind man, always nice to everyone he met and never really judged anyone unfairly. He didn't take anyone's crap, and for that he had my respect. He was one of the few people in Shadow Knights I actually liked, and one of the only paladins in the game I considered a friend. Not many from our guild knew him well, and those of us who knew him I know wish we knew him better. Our hearts and deepest sympathies go out to Eonola's family in this difficult time. And we promise you Eo, you won't be forgotten. Rest in peace.

We welcome anyone to make comments on this post however ask that you be mindful of the feelings of those who cared for Eonola and be respectful of those who have passed.
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